Westwey Technologies Limited


Westwey team consists of perfectionists and open-minded people. We know how to make the best decisions and are able to put our experience. Radical honesty is one of our key values we practice whilst working.

Our Mission

The goal of Westwey Developers is to provide the highest quality software development services while maintaining a human approach to the user. Project is not only coding, design, or testing, but mainly cooperation between people. We are well aware of this. Therefore, our development process and organizational culture are designed with the user in mind. Our partners always know at what stage our project is and maintain constant contact with users so that all their needs are met one hundred percent. We believe that an open and honest approach is key to building strong cooperation. Therefore we always ensure the security of your project by signing the NDA!


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Our Team

Founder, CEO


Westwey has established itself as a responsible software developer. According to the terms of its contractual obligations, all work was performed at a high professional level and on time.



Westwey flawlessly executed the development and delivered a product that has performed satisfactorily. The team capably managed the engagement and quickly responded to inquiries to ensure a successful partnership. Clear communication was one of their notable qualities.

Tech Lead


Being unproblematic, uncomplicated, and quick to the right person for the job are three attributes that come to my mind when I think of working with Westwey. We are happy to have found a competent partner for our development projects in Westwey and its team.